Live a fullfilled life.
Whatever prevents you
from being happy,
you can solve it.

Time flies - week after week, year after year... You will never get it back. Time of your life is precious. You, your goals and your happiness matter. We all have plans, wishes and secret desires, but very often inner conflicts, limiting beliefs, blocks, fears, feeling not good enough, our behavior patterns prevent us from living to the fullest and daring to do things that we desire in life the most.

Let me help you to get unstuck, to master your thoughts and emotions and to  live a fulfilled life. Already in the first session you will start learning the tools that you can apply right away. Why should you keep unhappy, frustrated, blocked or empty when you can get help, empowerment and start feeling better? Ready to try out your first coaching session? Contact Elen.

About Elen


Elen Ramírez is Life Coach and Leadership Trainer. She helps her clients to resolve inner conflicts and fears, to change old behavior patterns, to get more confident and fulfilled in each area of their life, to find what is missing, to improve their leadership and communication skills. Elen works with freelancers, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, competing athletes, artists and students.

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I feel like working with Elen is helping me putting my creative ideas together on a practical level to achieve something bigger than I imagined. She is helping me believe more in myself and realize how I can put my skills together to be successful. Writing down clear goals helps me get a clearer picture of what I want to achieve and how I can achieve it. Each coaching session reminds me that nothing is impossible.

Mia Ramer | Dancer & Singer

Elen´s genuine interest in my success, attentive listening, patience, empathy, understanding, relevant questions, guidance and encouragement gave me a lot of motivation and inspiration, and helped me to find solutions to my problems. Coaching with Elen is an indispensable experience for everyone, who truly cares of their life!  

Laura Rosh | Student of History of Arts and Philosophy

Don't sit dreaming of a better life, live it. Realize your goals.

There is no perfect timing. The best moment is NOW. You may wait till the right time for years, dream big and still think yourself out of opportunities, because you feel not good enough, because you are afraid of failures, because you are not sure... There may be thousands of pretexts that prevent you from expressing yourself the way you desire it. Set yourself free from emotional and mental blocks, cope with limiting beliefs and strengthen yourself. If you don't feel happy with your life, get a coaching help. Long suffering brings only depression. Start improving your life. Contact Elen.

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