Elen-RamirezMy first career was in languages, cultural psychology and intercultural communication. After graduating with a Master of Arts I worked for 2 years in sales, administration and marketing.

Moving to Berlin awakened my entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged me to study online marketing, public relations and web design. I went to all possible entrepreneurship events and conferences. During this time I did an online blogging course, yoga teacher license and several famous online business courses. It was a long transformation process, mindset work and discoveries.

My first blog about personal development brought me to coaching. The biggest surprise was that I already was giving coaching to my friends and people were telling me things that they won´t tell everybody. But I didn´t know how to call it that time. And one day I found the name for it - coaching. So I studied coaching and started to work officially as a coach.

Besides coaching I have been doing dance and different arts my whole life. I was learning, teaching and performing… My huge desire for life purpose and spirituality always brought me to interesting personal development activities in different countries: meditation, chakra work, kabbalah, tarot, energy, body consciousness and emotional intelligence.

I believe that everybody in the world is special and deserves to be happy. I believe that each person has talents and great mission in the world. And I believe that sometimes you just need somebody to guide you to a meaningful solution, to motivate you and show you that everything is possible.

My Skills

Life and Business Coaching Certification
Master of Arts Studies in Intercultural Communication and Cultures in Germany and Mexico.
Online Marketing, Public Relations and Web Design - 7 months Certification in full time at Indisoft
Online Business Studies at Fizzle.co, B-School of Marie Forleo
B-School (by awesome Marie Forleo and her Team)
BlogCamp Online Course
Seminar and other online courses on specific topics on Entrepreneurship and Blogging.
Yoga Teacher Certification (Hatha and Vinyasa)
Aerial Acrobatics, Dance and Theater workshops, classes and teaching

Coaching Languages
English, German, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese

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