Femininity. Latino and Femme Fatale Secrets to Woman Being.

How to be more sensual without exaggeration.

Special Coaching Program via Skype

Limited spots

You feel that something blocks you and that you don't express yourself as you wish. You can do it a lot better. You see your friends getting so much attention from men or just having more impact than you. And you are not worse at all. You have your talents and your own feminine power, but don't know or don't dare to apply it.

With this Special Femininity Program you will easily step by step become more sensual and will learn to manifest your feminine charm.

Some of the modules will include:

  • Find out and determine your strong spots.
  • Transform your weaknesses or how you can benefit from them.
  • Learn to use vulnerability in an attractive way.
  • Re-style your look and re-active your spirit.
  • Authenticity and Communication Mastery.
  • Femininity Secrets of Latino and Brazilian women.
  • Femme Fatale Makeover. (Bonus!)
  • Mimic and gestures training.
  • The words and sentences that you should´t use as a strong women.
  • Your Character Type: what to enhance.
  • Reconnect with your soul.
  • Willpower and decision making of Strong Women
  • Mind-Body-Soul Training (Bonus!)
  • How to balance, re-channel your emotions.
  • Sensual body workout (Bonus!)
  • Conclusions and your individual action plan.

Express Your Divine Feminine Awesomeness


Awaken your feminine power, reconnect with your own divine energy and learn to manifest yourself. Women being is a way of life and an art of expression. You can either suppress your feelings, be destructive with yourself, criticize your own decisions, constantly look to be accepted by others, be dependent on your partner, repeat the same mistakes or get to know yourself and how you can to be authentically magnetic in your unique way.

Everybody is different, nevertheless there are tools and techniques from which any women can benefit. It's the same as a game has its rules, femininity has its strategies. And as each person is special, I do individual coaching for my clients to help them how they can master femininity in their own way, according to their situation and culture.

Being a sensual women without exaggeration is an art. Being sensual and modern is cute. Being sexy is easy, being sensual is powerful. Each woman has a potential to communicate her femininity. Ignite your feminine fire, transform your habits and feel expressed and fulfilled as a women.

Sign up for the program today. The number of spots is limited, make sure that you can still grab yours.

Being a woman is an art and you can master it. It may seem difficult at first. That's why I'm here to help you to make it easy. You will be surprised how quickly you will start applying new patterns in your daily life and what results it will bring you. It's an individual program and you have the opportunity to ask me questions about your daily situations and we can analyze them together. I'll support you during 17 individual Skype sessions. The program starts in January. The number of spots is limited, be quick to reserve your spot. See you soon. Love & Light! Elen

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