Guided Meditation

If you don´t know the answer - meditate it.

Find your inner Peace. Namaste


Too many thoughts and information that we perceive from the outside makes your mind tired and can even block your creativity. Very often you may feel overwhelmed, exhausted, confused, stressed, anxious and worried. You may react to things in a way that you don´t want to.

All that means that it´s the right time to give peace to your mind and light for your soul, that is to meditate. Meditation will restore your energy, activate your mind, give you answers to your questions and shift your focus to a positive mindset.

I give guided meditation sessions in groups from 5 to 30 people or meditations for conferences for a larger audience to gain concentration.

Please send your inquiries for a guided meditation per e-mail at or via contact form.

Choose your meditation

1. Classical meditation. Meditation to relax your mind, feel more focused and mindful without any very specific purpose to work at in particular.

2. Meditation for a specific purpose: inner child healing meditation, meditation for self healing and energy re-activation, meditation to overcome difficult situations in life and clarity meditation.

Did you know that meditation can even change the brain's structure? Here is an interesting article about meditation.


Freeze the moment and breathe your presence.
Embrace the universe inside your heart.
You are a part of everything.
And this everything is a part of you.
The time is running, the time is crawling.
The time has stopped just for a second,
Just in your mind, just for this moment
And just for you.

By Elen Ramírez Hernández, 2014


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