Heal Your Inner Child

Resolve emotional blocks, problems in your relationship and career

Gain clarity in life and feel happy

Inner Child Healing Coaching

This Coaching could be taken as an Individual Coaching or a Group Workshop. The aim of this coaching is to help you to heal the wounds and blocks accumulated from your childhood till now and to build a connection to your inner child:  

Coaching / Workshop Goals:

  • Heal and connect with your inner child.
  • Resolve problems in your relationships and family.
  • Win over your fears, emotional and mental blocks accumulated from your childhood through experiences and stored in your sub-consciousness.
  • Solve conflicts in your thoughts, wishes and actions.
  • Learn not to repeat mistakes from the past, for example, bad relationships, impulsive and disrespectful partners, manipulation, etc.
  • Get more confident and sure of yourself.
  • Learn to analyse the experiences in your past to take decisions in harmony with yourself.
  • Learn to transform negative thoughts and emotions into positive. 

The Method

This Coaching combines the methods of life coaching, psychology, meditation and ho'oponopono (Hawaiian meditation technique).



Ho'oponopono - is an ancient Hawaiian technique that means “to put to rights, to put in order, to adjust”. Originally this technique was used by Hawaiian healing priests to resolve conflicts between the families. Consequently this meditation technique was developed into inner child healing. 


About Elen


Elen Ramírez is Life and Entrepreneurship Coach with the additional background in yoga and aerial dance.  In her Coaching Elen combines different techniques from psychology and life coaching to help her clients to get the best results. Elen knows how to guide her clients so that they could find the solutions and answers to their questions themselves. She helps you to discover new perspectives and to reinforce your self-esteem and confidence, to resolve inner conflicts and blocks, gain clarity in life and much more. 

Elen lived in different countries. She speaks many languages and has worked with clients from all over the world via skype or in person. Her vision and aim is to help people to live to the fullest and to learn to express themselves, be confident, positive and happy.


I´m looking forward to help you

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