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Special Coaching Program via Skype

Do you feel happy and motivated every day? Or is there is something that holds you back? Do you feel stuck in some area of your life? Again and again you think that you could have done it better, but... You can change that. You have the power to change everything you wish in your life. You can transform any situation, strengthen your willpower, get more confidence, unblock yourself and take your life under control.

Manifest Your Inner Strength Program. Modules:

  • Define your values, vision, mission and life goals. 
  • Learn to take decisions quickly.
  • Willpower and character activation.
  • Resolve blocks that hold you from moving forward.
  • Get more Confident
  • Learn Self Branding Strategies and how to present yourself effectively.
  • Workout your weaknesses into skills. Enhance your strengths. 
  • Reconnect with your inner voice. Develop your intuition.
  • Visualization Training. (Bonus!)
  • Learn to meditate and choose your type of meditation.
  • Master Abundance Thinking Techniques.
  • Discover new Perspectives and Opportunities.
  • Chakra Cleaning and Balancing.
  • Learn to protect and regenerate your energy.
  • Mindfulness Coaching session.
  • One bonus session to reinforce your best self.
  • One bonus session with: checking results and action plan.

17 Individual Coaching Sessions to help you to achieve your goals and to be the best version of yourself.


Mindful Empowerment

Re-focus and re-channel your energy, re-program your thoughts, strengthen your mind, soul and body to attract what you want in your life.


Ignite your inner fire.

Learn to connect with yourself and to keep grounded and mindful during the day. Learn to protect and regenerate your energy. Learn to recognize manipulation and to defend your point of view.

Learn to clean your chakras and to maintain them in balance. You will get practical exercises that you can use right away.


Learn how you can empower yourself daily


Manifest your best and authentic self. Why keep thinking that you can make it better. Learn the tools and do it. Time flies away and you can take the opportunity now to change whatever you want in your life.

You don't need to struggle alone. That's why I'm here for you to help you . It's individual program, so we will focus 100 % on you and how you can strengthen yourself, make a significant change in your life and achieve your goals. You can also ask questions and tell me about things that worry your heart and mind. You will start getting results right away. The only thing is that the number of spots is limited, so make sure that you reserve your spot before it´s taken. See you soon! Love & Light, Elen


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