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You are consistently repeat the same mistakes and find yourself with a partner with whom it just doesn't work. And you do your best, but somehow you attract that very type of a person... Sometimes you feel desperately lost and willing for love. Maybe you got so exhausted that you decided to be single and it lasts already too much time. Or maybe you are single, because you can't find your true love.

You are married or in a relationship, but somehow it's not fulfilling. You constantly feel that something lacks and your partner don't understand you the way you wish or don't give you the warmth and tenderness you need. You do your best to maintain your relationship, but often you feel like giving up.

You are single and either isolate yourself and feel rather too shy to give it a start or you spend a lot of time dating, but don't feel that you have found the right person for you.

Wherever you are right now, you can have a loving and fulfilled relationship and find your true love in life.


Strengthen Yourself to Attract the Right One


Relationship involves interaction. It's important that you and your partner express yourselves without suppressing each other. If someone in the couple starts forcing the other, it causes problems, manipulation and stress in relationship.

Learn to strengthen yourself, to love yourself, to heal your wounds from your past experiences, to get more confident, to solve problems in your relationship if this person was meant for you and to attract the right person into your life. Sign up for this individual coaching program today to reserve your spot.

Your partner desires to meet you too

Depending on your situation and coaching wish we can explore the following modules during the coaching. It also includes individual sessions checking your progress and analyzing situations from your every day life. The coaching is individual and is aimed to help you to improve your relationship or to find a partner.

Relationship Coaching Modules:

  • Analyze and improve your current situation.
  • Define your Relationship Matrix.*
  • Define your Partner Matrix.*
  • Metagenealogical Coaching to find out what blocks you on genealogial level.
  • Mindful Rules of a Happy and Fulfilled Relationship.
  • Master attraction and flirting.
  • Self-Make Over Session
  • Learn how to date effectively.
  • Learn how to express yourself without being suppressed of manipulated.
  • Learn how to position yourself in a relationship without being too tough.
  • Master conflict management, how to solve and prevent conflicts.
  • Learn to deal with criticism and encourage mutual motivation.
  • Learn how to make your relationship more romantic.
  • Coaching Sessions to help with your progress in your relationship or finding a partner. (5 sessions)
relationship coaching

Solve problems in your relationship


Getting married or having been long time in a relationship doesn't mean that you and your partner are already conquered person or a read-through book. Each Relationship needs maintenance not to break. It´s work of both partners to keep their feelings up, encourage understanding, sharing, passion and balance. It's easier to start an affair or to be together for a short time than to have a long-time healthy and passionate relationship.

An advantage and challenge of a fulfilling relationship is growing together in goals. It's a beautiful process, but sometimes people develop in a different way so that they find themselves on different coasts of the same sea. Interests change, characters change, goals change and they can be different and still move forward together. Development and challenges that people face due to different situations either help a couple to be more united or causes stress and conflicts.

Many couples have separated or divorced because of not knowing how to deal with challenges, their reaction to financial difficulties, unwillingness to share, misunderstanding and lack of conflict and self management skills. Many couples failed in maintaining their relationship or not getting a coach in time.

Don't give up. Wherever you are in your personal life right now, you can find the love of your life or solve problems in your relationship. That's why you can achieve your personal goals with this individual program. You will get help, feedback, advice, strategies, empowerment and motivation during the whole coaching program and discover new perspectives and find solutions to the results you desire. The only thing is that the number of spots is limited, so make sure that you sign up quickly to reserve your spot.

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